Meetup #10

July 25 at 6PM GMT+2

Online event

Learn about Angular Signals and investigate solutions dedicated to smart components.


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Angular Meetup #10
Angular Meetup #10
July 25, 2023
6:00 pm

Beginning of the livestream

6:10 pm

The bright future of Angular Signals

Dawid Kostka

Angular 16 introduced the new concepts of "signals" to Angular. In this presentation, I will show you what signals are and discuss their benefits and impact on our daily tasks.
We will also briefly discuss the current limitations of ZoneJS and how we can overcome them.
This presentation aims to illustrate the importance of signals in the near future of Angular.

6:40 pm


6:55 pm

How smart is your component?

Tomasz Borowski

There are many ways we can provide components with data in a modern Angular app. In this talk, we will investigate solutions dedicated to smart components, comparing their abilities and elegance of usage.
We will see how to implement the same functionality with Service, Resolver, and Store with Observables or Signals.

7:20 pm




Dawid Kostka

Angular Developer

Enthusiast of high-end code that follows the finest architecture patterns. Besides creating SPA applications Dawid constantly follows technology newsflashes and expands his knowledge of complex integral parts of angular. He believes that software is something more than just writing code.

Tomasz Borowski

Senior Angular Developer

I’m a software engineer passionate about front-end and web technologies. My expertise lies in Angular and TypeScript, and I love sharing my knowledge while continuing to learn more.

I enjoy cooking, playing squash, and reading books in my free time. I also love traveling to different countries to try their delicious cuisine.



This  is going to be our 10th Angular Meetup! We have been organising this event since 2021 in association with Angular Warsaw and NG Poland.


Our meetups give developers the chance to meet fellow Angular enthusiasts and discuss all things Angular. They often feature Google Developer Experts such as Nir Kaufman and Fanis Prodromou and give attendees the opportunity to gain unique knowledge.
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We support the worldwide Angular Community by organizing Angular meetups and running a blog angular.love dedicated to sharing Angular news and knowledge.

We are proud to have won two Angular Awards. In 2021, we won “Angular Hero of Community” and in 2022, we won “Angular Hero of Education” at the largest Angular conference in Poland, NG Poland.





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