Meetup #9

23 May at 6PM GMT+2

Warsaw & Online event

Learn about content projection in Angular projects and when to eliminate ngOnInit in your reactive components.


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Angular Meetup #9
Angular Meetup #9
May 23, 2023
6:00 pm


6:10 pm

Journey into component depth - Content Projection

Konrad Wróblewski

I will go through the content project in Angular topic during the meet-up. You will learn how to create generic components that make your code reusable and give clearance.

6:45 pm


7:00 pm

Why you don’t need the ngOnInit in your reactive components

Maciej Wójcik

We can often eliminate the need for ngOnInit and adopt more reactive techniques to increase the quality of our components. In this presentation, I will show you how to be more reactive, reduce setup code, and optimize performance.
Moreover, we will explore the View Model approach and how NgRx can assist us in this process.

Our ultimate objective is to reduce redundant code, improve readability, and boost the maintainability of Angular components

7:30 pm

Survey and Networking



Konrad Wróblewski

Angular Developer

I’m passionate about programming and specialize in Angular 2+, like to solve algorithmic problems and share my passion with others. After work, you can find me somewhere on the mountain trail.

Maciej Wójcik

Senior Angular Developer

I’m a software engineer passionate about front-end and web technologies. My expertise lies in Angular and TypeScript, and I love sharing my knowledge while continuing to learn more.

I enjoy cooking, playing squash, and reading books in my free time. I also love traveling to different countries to try their delicious cuisine.


This  is going to be our 9th Angular Meetup! We have been organising this event since 2021 in association with Angular Warsaw and NG Poland.


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angular.love is a place for all Angular enthusiasts created to inspire and educate. It’s a community of passionate people who share their knowledge and support others by providing them with the best practices and tips. This is the place where Angular lives.

We support the worldwide Angular Community by organizing Angular meetups and running a blog angular.love dedicated to sharing Angular news and knowledge.

We are proud to have won two Angular Awards. In 2021, we won “Angular Hero of Community” and in 2022, we won “Angular Hero of Education” at the largest Angular conference in Poland, NG Poland.



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